"We hung the mobile and as you can see it fits perfectly in her nursery and is more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined. It really ties everything together! The mobile is simply beautiful and I'm so grateful for your patience and most of all your talent!"



















"Ashley has done some amazing work for our boys' room!!! The sailboats specifically, are awesome!! Her craftsmanship and professionalism are outstanding and we couldn't be happier. I would recommend her to anyone! It was a wonderful experience working with someone who understood our vision and someone who showed genuine care in how the finished product looked."









 "I received a customized mobile as a baby shower gift. It was created based on the theme I had chosen for our daughter's nursery - pink paisley. Ashley did a fantastic job creating the mobile. It matched the room perfectly and was so much better than the plastic one that came with the bedding set! We hung it over the crib and it really completed the room. 

Our little girl is now 2 months old, and has really started to take an interest in the mobile when she is laying in her crib - which has been a lot of fun to watch. Just last night while I was feeding her, I noticed how much detail was put into creating the mobile - there are different shaped leaves on the blanket, window valance and crib skirt and she made identical leaves for the mobile! Noticing that and spending time looking at the other little details on the mobile in comparison to the other decorations in the nursery actually made a 2am feeding fun and it flew by!  

I would highly recommend Flutter Bunny Boutique!”












 "You often see the age stickers or onesies for 1-12 months given at baby showers, but these totally trump those. The age blocks cover days, weeks, months, and years. With the onesies, you have to worry about if they'll fit the baby at the right time, and with the stickers, they are flimsy and can be ruined easily. These age blocks are durable and great for long term photos. We like to use them to show a reference of size change in our baby, as you can see that she gets larger and larger in reference to the blocks. Ours match our nursery, and love that we can pick and choose colors & patterns as they make a great gift, too!"











     "My baby age blocks came out so perfect! They are very well made and look incredible! It's such a nice decor item in my nursery and great for photo props!"